saas2cloud gives you the flexibility to backup your Production or Sandbox Salesforce instance and a number of other backup preferences.


Production or Sandbox Backup

Select either your Production or Sandbox Salesforce data for backup. If you want to backup both, you can activate another Salesforce backup by repeating Step 6.1.

Production or Sandbox Backup6.21.

Account Name

This is for display purposes only and prefilled with the Admin User ID responsible for the Salesforce backup task authentication.

Adding a “Friendly” Name

We recommend entering a Friendly Name to identify each unique Salesforce organization that you back up. For example, “Accounting Department – Sandbox”, “Live Sales Organization”, etc. This name will be displayed on screens and reports and will make it easier for you to manage your backups.

Selecting your Throughput

By default, saas2cloud will use no more than 75% (.75) of your Salesforce daily API limit. You can increase or decrease that limit as needed.

Selecting your Backup Location

This is the AWS datacenter location you originally selected when signing up for your saas2cloud account.

Selecting your Backup Hour

By default saas2cloud backups run at approximately 02:00 UTC. You can change the backup time by selecting a new UTC time from the drop-down menu.

Selecting your Backup Frequency

Backup frequency is set to daily by default, but you can change this to weekly or monthly from the drop-down menu.