The Restore & Download option enables you to restore you're backed up data from saas2cloud’s archives.

You can perform the following procedure to Restore & Download data from your Salesforce backups:

1. Click the RECOVERY element from the Navigation Panel. The Restore & Download page is displayed with all your active backup details.
2. Click Salesforce icon or click the icon adjacent to the Salesforce icon. The Restore or download Salesforce active accounts page is displayed.

3. Select your preferred choice for restore by selecting the radio buttons adjacent to the required option.

Available options are the following:

• Via Snapshot
• Via Item Search

4. Click the text fields adjacent to Data changed from and To fields to select the From and To dates from the calendar if you have selected Via Snapshot option.
If you have selected Via Item Search option, enter the keyword to search for an item, from Salesforce account.
For advanced search options, click the dropdown arrow in the right side of the search bar and provide the following details in the drop-down form:

• Table: Enter the name of the table, from which the data have to be retrieved.
• Created By ID: Enter a term that matches with the part of the file name.
• Date from: Enter the date from the initial backup, from which you want to download the data.
• Date to: Enter a date until which the data need be downloaded.
• Is Deleted: Select the check box adjacent to this field if you want to include deleted items in your search.

5. Click the Continue button.
The Restore or download <item> from <account name> archive page is displayed. This page displays the search results with the details such as Date, Item, and Action if you have selected Via Snapshot option or Type, Name, and Date if you have selected Via Item Search option.

6. Select the check box adjacent to the required items to be restored or downloaded.
You can drill down search results and select individual items for recovery.

Note: Ensure that you have selected the parent Type for all the drill down objects you have selected.

7. Click the Restore button.
The Please confirm the restore request window is displayed.
8. If you want to restore data to another Salesforce instance, enter the account name that has access
to it, in the Restore field
9. Select the radio button adjacent to the instance, to which you want to restore the data. Available
options are the following:
• Production
• Sandbox

10. Click the Yes button.
The data is restored and a confirmation email is sent.
Click the Download button.
Please confirm the download request window is displayed.
Click the drop-down list and select the storage. Available options are the following:

o For Download
o To Your Amazon S3
o To Your Azure Blob
o To Your
o To Your Dropbox

9. Click the Yes button.
The download instructions are sent to your CloudAlly account email address. The download link is valid only for 72 hours. Exported data is available in a CSV format compatible with Salesforce’s Import Wizard and Data Loader.
Once the Restore/Download process has initiated, you can view the current status in the Restore & Download Status section in the Restore & Download page with the details such as Type, Source, Date, Status, and Action.

In the Action column, you can click on the information icon to view the details in a popup window. You can also click the “X” icon and click Yes in the Confirm Cancellation window to cancel the ongoing process.