In order to activate your G Suite backup you will need to be logged in to your G Suite administrator account and you will need to enable API and IMAP Access for our auto-discovery function to identify all mailboxes as follows: 
  1. Log in to your G Suite Admin Account
  2. Enter the Domain Management Console and go to Security > API Reference
  3. Check the “Enable API access” box and then click “Save changes”
  4. Go to Home > Apps > G Suite > Gmail > End User Access
  5. In the Organization section, select the organizational unit and clear the checkbox for “Disable POP and IMAP access for all users in the domain.” 

Note: Ensure you are using a Google Super Admin with full administrative rights for the G Suite domain. To check if you are a Super Admin login to the G Suite Admin Console with your Google and then navigate to "Admins"

Once that’s complete, from a separate tab log in to saas2cloud. From the Backups screen, click on “Activate a New Backup” and then click “G Suite” on the next screen.

Activating a G Suite Backup1.1

Click the “Integrate with” button. You will be redirected to Google for authentication and will be asked to enable saas2cloud access for your account.

Activating a G Suite Backup1.2

You will need to select your Google Admin account and login if necessary.