From the Backups screen click on “Activate a new backup”, and then click on the Dropbox Backup line.


This will take you to the Dropbox Backup Task Setting page where you can activate your Dropbox backup and select your backup preferences.

Click on the “Authenticate in Dropbox” button, to begin the authorization process.


Enter your Dropbox Admin credentials in the Dropbox sign in screen and click Sign In.

From the Dropbox screen you will need to enter your Dropbox Admin credentials.

An Admin account is required in order to backup all Dropbox accounts including admins and co-admin accounts.

The screen is refreshed and you will see a list of all Dropbox accounts in your organization. You can activate backups for all accounts by clicking on “Activate all” or you can activate backups for individual accounts by clicking on the Action button to the right of the individual account.

Once you have activated the account backups the status will change to Scheduled. From this screen you can also delete a backup or perform an immediate backup by clicking Backup Now button.