saas2cloud gives you the flexibility to automatically detect and backup new accounts, as well as select other backup preferences described below. Once you have selected your preferences, make sure and click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.




Friendly Name

Use this field to name your backup with a name you are comfortable with.


Backup Hour (UTC)

By default saas2cloud backups run at approximately 02:00 UTC. You can change the backup time by selecting a new UTC time from the drop-down menu.


Archive Location (Display Only)

This is the AWS datacenter location you originally selected when signing up for your saas2cloud account.


Retention Period (Display Only)

By default, we provide unlimited retention of your daily backups for as long as you maintain your account subscription. You can override this default and specify a retention period in days, months or years by submitting a support ticket. Backups older than the retention period specified will be automatically deleted. This field is display only, and can only be changed by opening a support ticket. 


Selecting your Backup Frequency

Backup frequency is set to daily by default, but you can change this to every 3 days or weekly from the drop-down menu.


Throughput (Salesforce only)

You can set your daily Salesforce API usage limit here.