From the Backups page, you can edit the backups for your domain, perform a “Backup now” on your entire domain, pause your domain backups or delete the entire domain backup using the buttons to the right of your backup task. 


These buttons perform the following functions:

mceclip0.png  Edit: Click on this button to add or delete users, take instant user backups, and change backup settings including backup time, frequency and index options.

mceclip3.png   Backup Now: Click here to schedule an immediate backup of your entire domain.

mceclip2.png   Pause: Click here to pause all of your domain backups.

mceclip0.png Resume: resumes all of your paused domain backups.

mceclip1.png   Delete: Click here to permanently delete this domain backup and all associated backups.

The Edit function takes you to the Backup Tasks Setting page where you can change backup times, backup frequency, add / delete user backups, and modify Indexing options.


Managing User Backup Tasks

From here you can manage existing backups or activate backups for new users.


Changing Processing Options 

From this page you can also change your backup times, backup frequency and Archive Index settings.