From the Backups page, you can edit the backups for your domain.

Go to Domain Backup page clicking Edit button right to the backup you want to edit. You can manage existing backups or activate backups for new users there. 


To manage existing user backups, use the icons to the right as follows:

mceclip0.png Activate: Click here to activate this user backup.

mceclip1.png   Delete: Click here to permanently delete this user backup and all associated backups.

mceclip2.png   Pause: Click here to pause the user backup.

This can be used to archive an employee mailbox if needed as part of the off-boarding process. All backup data will be retained and available for restore or download, and can be restored to a different user mailbox (HR, Legal, Audit, etc.) as needed since the original mailbox has been deleted.

mceclip3.png   Backup Now: Click here to schedule an immediate backup of the user account.