As long you are not in the process of a Live/Test Failover (because the reconfiguring will restart the services), follow steps in the solution section.    




To do so, please RDP to the ZVM machine and follow these steps:
1. Open the 'Zerto Diagnostics' application
2. Select 'Reconfigure Zerto Virtual Manager' and click 'Next'
3. Make sure that the correct vCenter IP address and administrator credentials are filled and click next
4. Keep on clicking next until you reach the validation menu. If the validation of the ZVM communication and vCenter credentials are OK, click 'Run'.
The reconfiguration process should now begin.

Running the reconfigure tool restarts the ZVM service and by that will synchronize the data between Zerto and vCenter.
The reconfigure will result in a downtime of a couple of seconds, where no new checkpoints will be generated.
Since the VRA's keep communicating with each other, replication is ongoing.