When trying to save a VPG configuration during either initial creation or edit and the Recovery Site is AWS, the following error is displayed:

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   Since AWS Import and ZImport for Data Volumes Import Methods require AWS APIs to be called upon, it is mandatory for the ZCA to be authenticated properly to reach out to said APIs. Without Access Key and Secret Key, these API calls would fail. Thus, a validation as been built into Zerto 7.5 to ensure this does not happen.

This issue will only be seen for fresh installs at 7.5 as upgrading from 7.0 to 7.5 results in the ZVM DB on the ZCA to maintain the Access Key and Secret Key.

NOTE: There is no validation in Zerto on the Access and Secret Keys so it is imperative that these are copied and pasted and confirmed prior to any Failover operation.    




There are two options to workaround this issue:

Option 1: Change Import Method

1) Re-try the Create/Edit VPG operation, except ensure the Import Method is now ZImport for All Volumes (this method does not require API calls to AWS, thus no need for the Keys).
2) Press Save and allow for the Create/Edit VPG task to complete.
3) Install Zerto Tools for Windows/Linux as necessary.
4) Run a Failover Test to confirm all is well.

Option 2: Provide Access and Secret Keys to Zerto

1) Open the ZCA GUI.
2) Press the Options button in the top right hand corner (button appears as 3 parallel lines).
3) Select 'Site Settings'. This will open a new window to Site Information.
4) At the bottom of the page, underneath User Credentials, fill in the appropriate fields with Access Key and Secret Key.
5) Select Apply.
6) Close the pop up.
7) Re-try the Create/Edit VPG and perform a Failover Test to confirm all is well once the Create/Update VPG task has completed.


Affected Versions: