There are validations that are done during Zerto Tools for Linux script execution to ensure success on eventual Failover.

One such validation warning that may appear is seen below:

warningNOTE: The script will not exit, it will continue forward.




The nomenclature of the disk names changes if they are different from what AWS uses (i.e. as /dev/sda to /dev/xvda).
Therefore, trying to mount /dev/sda, as an example, in AWS fails because no device with that name exists.

- Example of bootable fstab:

User-added image- Example of non bootable fstab:

User-added image





1. The fstab file should be edited to move from disk location to disk UUID and also add the “nofail” flag instead of “default”.
2. Save the file.
3. Wait for checkpoint from after the fstab file edit was saved and try the Failover again. If a Move is being done, simply start the Move after saving the file.

NOTE: A restart, technically, is needed to persist the fstab changes but since the Failover/Move recovery instance boots from start, it will boot with the changes made above.


Affected Versions:






   Hyper-V, VMware, Azure, AWS