To be able to properly Failover Windows VMs to AWS while utilizing the ZImport For All Volumes import method, the Zerto Tools for Windows script must be ran on each protected Windows VM in a VPG prior to the Failover starting and with a checkpoint from after successful execution of the Zerto Tools for Windows script.

The Zerto Tools for Windows script should be ran on any of the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 2008R2
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 2012R2
  • Windows 2016
  • Windows 2019




To configure Zerto Tools for Windows on each necessary Windows VM, follow the below steps:

1. Download the Zerto Tools for Windows script from MyZerto -> Support & Downloads -> Software Downloads -> Tools.

2. Transfer the ZIP file that was downloaded to each of the Windows VMs.

3. Extract the ZIP. Ensure this script is located on the C: drive or whichever drive is the boot disk. This script will need to run again at boot time in AWS and again on Failback if required.

4. Inside of the folder you should find a sole .bat file named Zerto Tools.bat. You can either right click on it and Run As Administrator or execute from a Command Prompt (where you can provide additional execution flags such as -l for latest PV driver version, -d for downgraded PV driver version, and now -v to validate the Zerto Tools configuration).

NOTE: Running the Zerto Tools.bat file as is or in Command Prompt with the "-l" flag (or no flag at all) will result in the PV Driver being installed in AWS at the latest version. Should the latest PV driver be running on the recovery VM in AWS and there is a need to migrate back to on-prem, please follow the steps in our KB regarding the PV Driver Downgrade script to ensure proper migration back.

5. Regardless of how you execute the script, a Command Prompt window will open like below and start to download the necessary drivers (PV for Gen4 instance families and backwards, ENA and NVMe drivers for Gen5 instance families and later). The screen below depicts a successful run of the script and all drivers downloaded without issue.

User-added image

6. If the Windows VM does not have external internet access, the drivers will need to be downloaded manually and placed in the stated location on the VM. An alert will be presented and state: "Process failed - unable to find AWS PV driver installation file on… Please download the file from {link} and copy the zip fle to {destination folder}". Follow the link provided, download the necessary drivers, and place them in the destination folder as instructed in the alert.

7. Once the relevant driver(s) are in said destination, you can execute Zerto Tools again with the “-v” flag to verify all is well.

8. Repeat the above for each protected Windows VM in the VPG to be migrated. Once complete, a Failover or Move can be started. If Failover, ensure a checkpoint from a timestamp after each Windows VM is setup with Zerto Tools is selected. If a Move is preferred over a Failover, simply run the Move after Zerto Tools is configured as the machines will be shutdown first, a checkpoint taken, and then the migration will begin.

9. If there are any issues with the steps above and/or your Failover/Move, kindly contact Zerto Support.


Affected Versions:






   AWS, VCenter, Hyper-V, Azure