During the AWS PV Driver download portion of the Zerto Tools for Windows script execution, the following transient error is seen:

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   The API used to download the PV Driver (BITSAdmin) is deprecated and may fail to download the driver automatically.    





1] Download the AWS PV Driver manually from here.

2] Place the AWS PV Driver in C:/ProgramData/ZertoTools/Platform/AWS/Zerto-PvDriver/

NOTE: You may need to create the folder "Zerto-PvDriver". Please ensure it is spelled/punctuated exactly as written above.

3] Run the Zerto Tools.bat file once more with the "-v" option to validate all is well and then move forward with your Failover/Move as desired. In case of a Failover, ensure a checkpoint is selected which has a timestamp from after the validation succeeded to ensure Zerto Tools is ready to go.


Affected Versions:






   AWS, Azure, Hyper-V, VCenter