For some Linux distributions to Failover to AWS and back properly (see Interoperability Matrix) via ZImport For All Volumes import method, Zerto Tools for Linux will need to be executed on each necessary protected VM ahead of a Failover/Move.    




To configure Zerto Tools for Linux on each necessary Linux VM, follow the below steps:

1. Download the Zerto Tools for Linux script from MyZerto -> Support & Downloads -> Software Downloads -> Tools

2. On the desired protected Linux VM, make a new directory via command mkdir <directory name>.

3. Extract the Zerto Tools for Linux ZIP file and transfer all files to this newly created directory on all required Linux VMs.

4. Now, change directory to the newly made directory you made in Step 2 via command cd <directory name>.

5. Run command ls to list out all files in the directory and ensure all of the files that you transferred to this directory are there.

6. The file must have executable permissions. We can do this by running command chmod +x

7. The script can now be executed by running the command ./ from inside this same directory.

8. Review for any errors or warnings in yellow text and address them as needed. Otherwise, look for "Operation successfully completed!" at the end to ensure the script is done.

9. Repeat the above for all necessary Linux VMs you need to Failover/Move to AWS.

10. If performing Failovers, await a checkpoint to select with a timestamp from after all script executions have succeeded.