Windows 2012 Backup and restore of volumes enabled for "Data Deduplication"


Special Options For Windows 2012

In the "Set Properties - Advanced Options tab" screen, there is an additional checkbox under the "Windows 2000 & up options":
"Backup Single Instance Store / Data Deduplication file data"

Backup and restore of volumes enabled for "Data Deduplication"

There are two different ways to backup files from a volume that is enabled for Data Deduplication:

1. "Nonoptimized Backup"
2. "Optimized Backup"

Nonoptimized Backup

In nonoptimized backup, the Data Deduplication-optimized files are copied as normal files to the backup store.

- FullFeatured Windows DS-Client supports the nonoptimized backup when the "Backup Single Instance Store / Data Deduplication File Data" option is selected for a backup set.

- Restore of backups that had this option enabled will be like any other normal file system restore, regardless if the target restore volume has Data Deduplication enabled or not.

Optimized Backup

Optimized backup is performed by copying Data Deduplication-optimized files as reparse points and copying the full set of Data Deduplication store container files and metadata files (e.g. full volume backup).
- For this backup, the "Backup Single Instance Store / Data Deduplication File Data" option must be disabled (off). In addition, you must ensure that the "System Volume Information\Dedup" folder is backed up, including all its files and sub-folders.

Full Volume Restore from Optimized Backup: Restore from an optimized backup can be done by using full-volume restore or by using file-level selective restore.

- Whether restoring the full volume or a selective folder / files, the restore should be performed to a freshly formatted volume. The "System Volume Information\Dedup" should be restored first, and then the reparse points.

- It is recommended to perform full volume restores to a volume of equivalent or greater size than the original.

Note: If Windows 2012 share backup with enabled deduplicaiton shows difference in protected size than source size, then recreate the backup set with Single instance store option enabled, it will backup all files and protected size will also show the same