The Zerto Virtual Replication PowerShell Cmdlets allow for expanded functionality and interaction with the Zerto Virtual Replication environment via Windows PowerShell.

The 'Export-Settings' cmdlet is used to export VPG settings for the specified ZVM and its peer sites. 

  1. Install the Zerto Virtual Replication Cmdlets - this installer can be downloaded from the Zerto Downloads page.
  2. From a machine that has network access to the ZVM, open Windows PowerShell.
  3. Load the Zerto Virtual Replication cmdlets with the following command:
    • Add-PSSnapin Zerto.PS.Commands

      4. Use the Export-Settings cmdlet to pipe the VPG settings for the specified ZVM and its peers to XML


Export-Settings [-ZVMIP] <String> [-ZVMPort] <Int32> [-Username] <String> [-Password] <String> [-Wait <int32>] [<Common&RiskParameters>]


PS C:\Windows\SysWOW64\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0> Export-Settings 9080 administrator password > C:\ZertoUpgrade\Export.xml

This command exports the details of every VPG on the site where the cmdlet is run and with its paired site.
The details are exported to a file Export.xml in C:\ZertoUpgrade on the local computer where the cmdlet is run.
The Zerto Virtual Manager site used to process the cmdlet runs on IP and port 9080.