The Zerto Virtual Replication GUI is built on the Adobe Flex framework, which is a member of the Adobe Flash family.  As such, in order for it to be displayed, the Adobe Flash Plugin must be installed on the client machine.  Prior to installing and running the Adobe Flash Plugin on Windows Server 2012, some additional steps  are required.     


In order to allow the Adobe Flash Plugin to be installed for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Server 2012, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Server Manager.

  2. If Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled, disable it, and restart the machine, or add the ZVM IP address to the "Trusted Sites" list in Internet Explorer settings.

  3. Choose "Local Server" from the left hand pane and scroll down in the right hand pane to find "Roles and Features".

  4. Choose "Tasks", and then "Add Roles and Features".

  5. Select "Desktop Experience" listed under "User Interfaces and Infrastructure".

  6. Choose "Install", and add any features which are displayed to be depended in the following screens.

  7. Once installation is complete, reboot the system.

  8. After startup, install the Adobe Flash Plugin.