An administrator may need to determine which protected VMs are configured to use a particular host as a target for replication. This article explains the procedure for using the Resource Report to obtain this information.    


The Resource Report enables an administrator to generate reports about resources required by virtual machines replicating in an environment. The data sampling rate is set either daily at a specific time or hourly at a specific minute in each hour.  This rate is set in Resource Report section of the Advanced Settings screen.  Once a sample has been taken, a report can be generated.


To use the Zerto Virtual Replication GUI to determine which protected VMs are configured within their VPGs to use a particular host as a target for replication, follow these steps:

  1. In the ZVR GUI, choose "Reports", and "Resources Report".
  2. Select the relevant timeframe, and choose "Generate to XLSX file".
  3. Open the exported XLSX file.
  4. Locate the "Timestamp" column, and choose to filter for the point in time in question.
  5. Locate the "Target Host" column, and choose to filter for the host in question.
  6. Each line listed in the resulting filtered spreadsheet pertains to a VM associated with the "Timestamp" and "Target Host" selected in steps 4 and 5.

Starting with 3.0 Update 1, PowerShell Cmdlets are added allowing for the scripted identification and change of VMs' target hosts.