1. OpenDirListing failed. error: Failed to find disk extent for the disk with device key: 2000([NMB-A-vVol]
or : 2000([PAvsanDatastore] or : 2000 ([vsanDatastore]
The error is reproted during A VADP backup which failed:
2. OpenDirListing failed. error: Cannot open communication channel with proxy, shared memory is not available. Failed OpenListing for esxi01\datacenter\ServerName\
The error is reported during VADP backup, which completed very fast, but nothing has been backed up.


1. A backed up Virtual Machine is located on the VMware datastore, which has vvol (in the first error) or vsan (in the second error) files system.
2. An issues on the VMware side that was causing VADP backups to fail. Supposedly, it is connected with HTML5 client that is built into ESXi 6.x.


1. vVol  file system is supposed to be supported by Asigra since DS-Client v.14.2.
2. vSAN has been supportded since v.13.3 and later only.
3. Restart the Management Agent on the ESXi server.