• Microsoft default SAN policy might cause VM ‘{VM_name}’ (VPG ‘{VPG_name}’) volumes to become offline upon recovery
  • VPG0043

   One of the recovery disks for a protected vm fails to mount on the recovered vm on the DR site. The disk comes up in offline mode and has to be manually brought online. This issue occurs with disks using the PVSCSI driver.     


This KB should only be followed after confirming that KB 000001150 was followed. If a user wants to silence the alerting follow tweak below.

Please use the following steps to apply the tweak. 

1. Stop the ZVM service
2. Open the relevant tweaks file in Notepad: C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\tweaks.txt
3. Add the relevant tweak on a new line: t_DisableCrossReplicationMonitor=1
4. Save the file
5. Start the ZVM service