Please be aware of the following when pairing in ZVR 7.5:
  • The authentication token when pairing is required.  There is no way to circumvent this.
  • No backwards compatibility.  This means that a newly installed 7.0 site, and a newly installed 7.5 site will not be able to pair.  Both sites must be on ZVR 7.5 in order to pair.
  • Existing ZVR 7.0 sites that are already paired will not lose their pairing as a result of an upgrade.
  • The pairing token expires after 48 hours.
  • The pairing token can be used to pair a single site.  If you have a second site to pair, you must generate a new token for that site.
  • The token is validated and deleted when pairing is completed.

   Since we have added security measures to pairing that require a token in ZVR 7.5+, pairing methods have been changed.    

  1.   The token is generated in the recipient site ZVM GUI (Sites > Generate Pairing Token).  It presents a small window with the token and a button to copy the 32 character string to your clipboard.  
  2.   Share this token with the user at the requesting site (e.g. email / messenger)  
  3.   From the requesting site, navigate to the ZVM GUI (Sites > Pair).  It presents a small window prompting for 3 items:
    • Hostname / IP of the recipient ZVM
    • Port (default 9081)
    • Token
  4.  Click Pair

*There are ways to increase / decrease the token complexity (length).  There are also ways to increase / decrease the expiration period for a token.  Please contact Zerto Support for details on how to do this.