When changes are made to the default values of the VPG, those changes do not appear to change the activity of the VPG edited. For example, if the Journal Hard Limit alert is active for a VPG (please see this article for more details) and the default value for the Journal Hard Limit is edited in the VPG, the alert does not clear.    


   The default values of the settings in the VPG will only apply to any VM that is added to the VPG after the VPG was created. Any changes to the default values of a VPG will not apply to the VMs that are already in the VPG when the changes are made.    


If the values related to a specific VM need to be changed, the button VM SETTINGS needs to be used in the same tab as the default values to be edited. The resulting window will allow for the specific values for VMs already in the VPG to be edited.