The network is alright. You can open the vCloud director in a browser from ZVM machine. But the ZVM won't connect to vCloud director
The error message is: "Failed to login to 'https://URL_or_IP/api' with username 'Administrator@system'. Please verify the server address and credentials are correct."    


   Please check the vCD server certificate's 'Common Name'. When a certificate is generated, there is a field 'common name' defined. SSL certificate is sensitive to Common Name.

This can be done within a browser.

Example for Firefox:
When you have browsed to a website whose web address starts with https, there will be a lock icon at the beginning of the address bar. Click on the Site Info button icon and on the right arrow to get a pop-up that says who verified the certificate, then click on "More Information". 'Website' equals 'Common Name' here.If the URL/IP you put in ZVM is different with the 'Website' value of the certificate, the site will not let you connect and report "Please verify the server address and credentials are correct.“



Use the value of 'Website' from the certificate in ZVM