Following error is reporting when connecting to DS-NOC

Application 0x40000317 0 Configuration update file found. Starting to apply. (DS-NOC)
XML Parsing 0xFFFFFFFF 0 attribute 'instant-recovery-vault' is not declared for element 'generic-backup-options' (line:32)
Unknown 0 50755 Unknown (0) (GetNOCDSClientUpdate)


This issue happens when DS-NOC version 14.0 or 14.1 connects with ds-client 13.3 and push XML file for configuration update.
DS-NOC 14.x can be used for monitoring 13.3 ds-client but not for configuration as new attributes introduced in version 14.x are not available in older version.


Please reset XML from DS-NOC goto DS-Client>Configuration>then browse and select the ds-client and on right side XML Configuration (Modified) and click reset.

After performing reset ds-client should able to connect and DS-NOC will report correct and updated information.