The Error "The specified file can not be found C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\db_buffer\DSCXXXXXXXX.dmp" can be experienced during Daily or Weekly Admin processing.


The DS-Client DB Dump created during the Admin might not be availaible for uploading to DS-System Online Storage for some following reasons:
1. Lack of Read/Write DS-Client service permissionson on the \db_buffer folder.
2. An Antivirus may lock the DS-Client installation folder C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\ and db_buffer sub-folder.
3. MS Windows OS upgrade has not completed and requires to restart Windows OS.
4. MS Windows failure.


1. Assign the Local Administrator credentials to DS-Client Serrvice account, ensure the correct permissions on the db_buffer folder;
2. Check an Antivirus software configuration and assing the DS-Client installation folder to be trusted;
3. Allow Windows OS to complete an upgrade and restart OS properly, check Daily Admin for the DB Dump processing;
4. Restart DS-Client service, and check the DB Dump creating again.