Windows DS-Clients v13.3 or 14.0 disk space requirement.


The main challenge with v14.1 upgrade for Windows DS-Clients can be the free disk space required for migrating from SQL Server or PostgreSQL
to embedded PostgreSQL, the installer will check:
if there is 2x the size of the existing DS-Client databases
+ 2.2 GB for extracted upgrade package
+ 5 GB or 5% of the size of the DS-Client databases whichever is higher for safety.

If the auto-upgrade fails due to free space concerns, the DS-Client will be left up and running though at previous version (e.g. 13.3 Hotfix 13),
and the AutoUpgrade switch will be turned off automatically in DS-Client advanced configuration so that backups can continue even if the DS-Client
is not upgraded and DS-System was upgraded, in such scenario the DS-Client will need to be manually upgraded later on.