The message is displayed while attempting a manual upgrade of Linux DS-Client with embedded PostgreSQL from v13.3 to v14.0 or v14.1, sometimes it may take very long time for the installer to get past it, in some cases the upgrade may fail.


Linux DS-Client v13.3 or older uses an embedded PostgreSQL v9.4, the upgrade to v14.0 or 14.1 does the following:
- backup the dsclient database from the old embedded PostgreSQL v9.4 and saves the dump file in /root/buf folder
- if the backup of the database is successful, the old embedded PostgreSQL v9.4 along with the old dsclient database is removed and the disk space released
- installs a new embedded PostgreSQL v10
- create a new dsclient database in the embedded PostgreSQL v10 and restores the backup taken from the old embedded PostgreSQL 9.4
- updates the DS-Client binaries and reconfigure it to use the new PostgreSQL v10.
Please note that the full database dump saved into the DS-Client installation folder is not removed after the setup completes.


Before proceeding with the upgrade to v14 or v14.1, ensure that there is enough space on the volume holding the DS-Client intallation folder to accomodate the full dsclient database dump, the size of this file is visible in DS-User activity log, check the most recent daily or weekly admin.