The error message is reported in DS-Client setup menu, view quota: 'Read access violation exception at....'?


Setting up a replication group between two DS-Systems, where the repliaction target has its own customers.
The process will come across dupliacte IDs for both customer and DS-Client. Rename the DS Client and the Customer account number, then generate a new CRI file and updated the new Customer and DS-Client numbers.  At this stage the backups and replication tasks are running succesfully but when try to run the veiw quota on the DS-Client setup menu, the error is reported "read access violation ...".

DS-Client was edited from the DS-System side and removed the check mark "requires registration", which cause DS-Client's hardware can't be validated by the DS-System.


Make sure the check mark for the "requires registration" is selected. The View Quota will work as expected with no errors.