Windows DS-Client with a PostgreSQL uses the postgres database user to access its databases.
Threre are two limitations concerning the postgres user password:
1. Should consist only of numbers, lower and upper case letters (0, 1, 2, .. 9, A, a, ..., Z, z), no special characters are accepted;
2. Should be no longer than 100 characters.

Recommendations for postgres password change (Windows DS-Client with a PostregeSQL)
If the postgres user pasword was changed for security reasons after DS-Client was installed, there are two options to update it on DS-Client side:
1. Uninstall and install back the DS-Client following the steps below:

   1.1. Make a note of the current DS-Client version and hotfix leve, this info can be retrieved from: 

DS-User > Help > About DS-User > DS-Client Info;

   1.2. Uninstall DS-Client;
1.3. Install DS-Client back (same version), point to the same PostgreSQL instance, use the new postgres user password, choose to not start the DS-Client service in the last screen of the installation wizard;
   1.4. Apply the same hotfix as it was before (see item 1.1), start back the DS-Client service.

2. Alternatively you can change the postgres password on DS-Client side by changing DS-Client registry, followinng the steps below:
   2.1. Stop the DS-Client service, then encrypt the new postgres password with 'asigraenc.exe' utility located in the DS-Client installation folder (default C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\);
For example open an elevated command prompt window, change current directory to the DS-Client installation folder, and run the command:
           asigraenc.exe string > pwd.txt
              where string... is the new postgres password string to encrypt;
Then open the pwd.txt file with Notepad:
notepad.exe pwd.txt
           the aes-128-cbc$115E073F48A0451165472D512EAA5EBDCFCA47D5AFF2F607BBC2533BA04CAA66 is the newly encrypted password string;
2.2. Open the registry editor with Administrator permissions on the DS-Client server and backup the registy;
2.3 Navigate to registry path:
2.4. Edit the 'DatabasePassword' parameter and update it with the new encrypted password string (see item 4.1 above).
   2.5 Start back the DS-Client service.