If you need to downgrade a DS-Client the following process can be completed.
We strongly recommend that you engage with the support team prior to completing this process.

Note. All backup sets will require a full DS-System synchronisation before any restores or backups can be processed after completing the following.

  1. If possible, make a backup of the current DS-Client database in case of issues (using either the MS SQL or Postgres tools)
  2. Within the DS-User go to Setup | Export to XML and export all  items (excluding the Encryption keys)

  3. Uninstall the DS-Client from the server
    Note. for version 14.1 onwards this will also uninstall the embedded Postgres database
  4. If downgrading to a DS-Client version pre 14.1 ensure you install a supported database engine if required (for v14.0 install Postgres, for earlier versions MS SQL Express).
  5. Obtain the required DS-Client setup file and your CRI file (with encryption keys if they have been forwarded) from support.
  6. Install the DS-Client software onto the server, utilising the database from step 4 if applicable, at the end of the install start the service and open the DS-User interface.
  7. When requested import the CRI file (if the CRI file does not contain your encryption keys manually type these in)
    Note. Very Important, at this stage do NOT connect to the DS-System for any checks
  8. Once registered the New Backup Wizard will appear, cancel this and go to Setup | Configuration and select the Advanced tab.
    Select the Miscellaneous Category and set the AllowAutoUpgrade Parameter to No and apply to ensure the client is not auto upgraded by the DS-System in the future.
  9. Run a manual Daily Admin to force a connection to the DS-System and to update the orphaned backup sets list.
    Go to Set up | System Activities and click Run Now next to the Daily Admin last run.
  10. Once the Daily Admin process has completed import all orphaned backup sets.
    Go to Setup | System Activities again and this time click the Repair button.
    From the pop-up window select Orphaned backup sets.
    Select all backup sets and click recover.
  11. All original backup sets should now show again the Backup Sets window on the DS-Client.
    In addition a DS-System synchronisation process should automatically start for each recovered backup set.
    Note. Before proceeding to the next step ensure ALL backup sets are in sync, if required manually synchronise any backup sets that are not
  12. Using a text editor open the config-update.xml file and remove the <advanced-parameter-config> section and save.
  13. Copy the updated config-update.xml file into the DS-Client program directory (default path it C:\Program Files\Cloudbackup\DS-Client\)
  14. The DS_Client should detect the xml file within 30 seconds and apply the stored configuration including all previous DS-Client settings, backup set configuration, schedules and retention rules.