The error might be reported in DS-User event log during various activities.
"ERROR: canceling statement due to statement timeout"


DS-Client uses PostgreSQL for its internal databases and a query takes too long to complete.
The parameter DBQueryDefaultTimeout available in DS-User > Setup > Configuration > Advanced > Miscellaneous is applicable only for Windows DS-Clients using SQL Server for their internal databases.


1. Stop DS-Client service ( if a grid configuration is used stop it on all grid nodes)
2. Stop the PostreSQL service holding the DS-Client databases (if embedded database, the service name is 'DS-Client-PostgreSQL')
3. open Windows Explorer on PostgreSQL Server computer and navigate to the PosgreSQL Server installation path (if an embedded PostgreSQL server the navigate to ds-client-installation-folder\ds-pg-database subfolder, default C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\ds-pg-database)
4. Make a copy of the file postgresql.conf, then edit with Wordpad the original file postgresql.conf and remove the # visible in front of the line:
#statement_timeout = 0
so after change should look like:
statement_timeout = 0
save the change and start back the PostgreSQL service, once started, start back the DS-Client service (if grid configuration is used, start it back on each grid node).