DS-Client v14.1 comes by default with embedded PostgreSQL database v10.0. The upgrade from 13.3 or 14.0 expects the existing PostgreSQL version to be 9.6 or 10.


If the existing DS-Client is using PostgreSQL with higher version than the embedded, the migration of DS-Client database from the existing PostgreSQL to the embedded PostgreSQL will fail. In such case, it is necessary to reconfigure DS-Client to use the external PostgreSQL.


To reconfigure a DS-Client to use an external PostgreSQL database, perform the following manual procedure to get the 14.1 DS-Client to use the external PostgreSQL database.

  1. Stop DS-Client Service.
  2. Connect to the external PostgreSQL database hosting the DS-Client database using pgadmin4 and manually apply the following dsclient and dslanfiles databases patches (found in the DS-Client Installation directory (C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\db\)):
    • v13.3 HF 14 (327 - 331)
    • v14.0 HF 7 (328 - 331)
    • dslanfiles (3-4)
  3. Open the Services window and stop and disable the embedded (DS-Client-PostgreSQL) service.
  4. Run regedit to modify the following registry entry:
Modify the following parameters:
  • DatabasePort - Change to the original external PostgreSQL database port 5432 (default for embedded is 5433)
  • EmbeddedPgVersion - Delete this key
  • DependOnService-Remove the entry DS-Client PostgresSQL
  • PostgreSQLBinPath - change to the external path. If using PosgreSQL 11, the external path is: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\bin\
  • DatabasePassword - Use the 'asigraenc.exe' to generate the encrypted password for the external PostgreSQL user (postgres) and replace this field.
    • Note: the 'asigraenc.exe' is located in (C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\). To generate encrypted password for example (asigraenc.exe password)
5. Start the DS-Client service.