For various reasons, an administrator may need to resize a source RDM volume.  This article explains the process for doing so, from a Zerto Virtual Replication perspective.

Affected Versions

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In order to resize a source RDM volume, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the source VM from the VPG:

    • If the VPG contains more than one VM, remove the source VM from the VPG, and save the changes.  If the VPG contains only one VM, delete the VPG.

    • If the VM?s target disks are of vmdk format, make sure to choose to keep the target disks when the option is presented.

  2. Resize the RDM (both local and remote) as described in VMware?s Expanding the size of a Raw Device Mapping (RDM) KB article.

    • Note: vCenter will not detect that RDMs were resized unless the procedure in this KB is followed.

  3. Protect the VM again after resizing the RDMs

At this point, the VPG will go through a Delta Sync to compare source and target volumes for changes, and once synchronized, it will enter the Protecting state.