Zerto’s Long Term Retention(LTR) introduced in release 6.5, does not support backups that were created in previous versions (6.0 or before), nor does it support SMB or local repositories.

During the upgrade to 6.5, any existing configured repositories, or backup configurations are removed.  Additionally, the references to any existing backups are removed from the ZVM.  The data and backup sets themselves are kept on the repositories.


Backups generated by versions of ZVR prior to 6.5 are restorable in any 6.0 ZVM using the “Restore From Repository” option, as long as the backup set data within the repository is retained.  Zerto only supports installing a single ZVM per vCenter.  If all available vCenter servers are already configured with a 6.5+ ZVM, a new vCenter will need to be deployed for the purpose of restoring backups created in ZVR 6.0 and prior.

The preferred method to restore ZVR 6.0 backups is as follows:

1. Deploy or use an existing vCenter which is not configured with ZVR in production.

2. Install a fresh ZVM version 6.0Ux and connect it to the vCenter.

• The latest version of ZVR 6.0 is available at under the "version 6.0" tab

3. Install a VRA.

4. Configure the repository pointing to the backup sets folder you want to restore:

• Navigate to "Setup" > "Repositories" > "New Repository."

• Configure the details for the existing repository containing ZVR 6.0 or prior backups.

• See the following document for more detail on adding a repository in ZVR: 6.0:

5. Use the “Restore From Repository” option:

• Select any “point in time” for backup restoration.

• From the drop-down menu select the available backup Repository containing the ZVR 6.0 backup data.

• Choose the "Restore From Repository" option.

• Click "Actions" > "Restore Backup" in the ZVM GUI to open the restore wizard.

• See the following document for more detail on “Restore From Repository”:

It is also possible to use the same "Restore From Repository" option to recover ZVR 6.0 or earlier backups on any existing ZVR 6.0 installation if there is not an available vCenter for the fresh ZVM installation.

Affected Versions: