The official release version of a DS-Software product consists of two digits (for example: 12.0, 13.0, or 13.1). All DS-Software components (e.g. dsclient.exe, dsoper.jar, dssys.exe, etc.) use a four-digit numbering system: "N.X.y.z" (for example: v12.5.2.1), where
    o N = Major release (for example: 12)
    o X = Minor release (for example: 5)
    o y = Service pack number (for example: 2)
    o z = hotfix (for example: 1)

Deploying hotfixes, services packs, and new release versions 
Hotfixes, service packs, and new release versions can be delivered to existing DS-Clients with the DS-System's Auto Upgrade feature.
    o For all other DS-Software components (DS-NOC, etc.), run the hotfix / service pack upgrade package             on the computer where the DS-Software is installed.

Hotfixes are released to fix critical bugs, whenever they are required. Each hotfix includes all previous hotfixes since the last release or service pack (for example: hotfix "5" includes hotfixes 1-4). The fourth digit of a component's version number indicates if that hotfix was applied (for example:,, ...,

Service packs 
Service packs are released to fix specific components, and to deliver new features after an official release. A service pack for a specific product comes as a simplified upgrade installation that:
    o belongs to a specific release version of the product (for example: 13.0).
    o includes only components that contain changes.
    o does not change the product version number (for example: 13.0), but changes some component                 version numbers (for example:

Each service pack includes all previous service packs and hotfixes since the last release. The third digit of a component's version number indicates if that service pack was applied (for example: or

Minimum requirements for inter-compatibility (of DS-Software components) 
fter applying a hotfix or service pack for a product, some of the installed components may have different version numbers. For this reason, the compatibility of two components that interact is not based on exact version number matching. For every pair of components that interact, each component has a minimum requirement for the version of the other component. When a connection is established between the two applications, the 'client' application verifies both the minimum requirements: client for server, and server for client. If one of the validations fails, then the components are not compatible and they are not able to communicate.

Other details:

1. Every DS-Software application is able to display its product version information (usually from the Help menu > About dialog box).
2. You cannot install a product using a service pack installation. You must have a full release installation package to install a product.
3. Service packs are specific to a product release number (for example: v12.2, v13.0) You can only apply a service pack to the DS-Software product and version for which it was intended.