The following error may appears during VADP backup task with VM disks bigger than 1.0 TB:

Read access violation exception at 009bf9ad (rip=009bf9ad, rax=00000000,xmm0=1056b3b0, rbx=0fccf500,rcx=0000000d,rdx=00000000, rsi=023169f0,rdi=00f8bb66,rsp=1056ef20,rbp=1056f340) 
00000000009BF9AD (dsclient): (filename not available): xmlSAX2GetPublicId
00000000009C6D47 (dsclient): (filename not available): xmlSAX2GetPublicId 00000000005040CF (dsclient): (filename not available): is_dbg 0000000000707520 (dsclient): (filename not available): is_dbg
0000000073634FE1 (mfc100u): (filename not available): (function-name not available) 0000000074D91D9F (MSVCR100): (filename not available): endthreadex 0000000074D91E3B (MSVCR100): (filename not available): endthreadex 00007FFB33ED13D2 (KERNEL32): (filename not available): BaseThreadInitThunk 00007FFB366A54F4 (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlUserThreadStart in FileReadWorker.cpp, line 60


The error may be due to limited memory resources in DS-Client server during a backup task.


1. Increasing the RAM may partially eliminate the issue. Please refer to 20.56 "Memory Requirements for DS-Client During Incremental Backup Using Delta Algorithm" section in DS-Client User Guide
2. Configure Windows DS-Client to use buffer for backup:
2.1. Configure DS-Client buffer outside of C:\Windows folder: "DS-User menu > Setup > Configuration > Parameters > DS-Client Buffer".
2.2. Configure "Use buffer" options in backup set "Properties > Options > backup Set options" section.