In order to migrate an existing BLM Archiver that is running on a physical server to a Virtual Machine, follow these general upgrade steps:
    o Prepare a Virtual Machine (VM) with the same Operating System (or an Operating System from the             same family) as you are currently running on your physical BLM Archiver machine. Ensure that the                 Operating System installed is supported. For the latest information, see the Installation and Support               Matrix.
    o Shutdown the BLM Archiver service / daemon on the physical machine.

NOTE: Service downtime will begin at this moment.

    o Ensure that the BLM Archiver database is accessible from the remote VM and the online storage is             accessible from the remote VM with the same Staging Buffer path(s) and Consolidated Storage path(s)         used by the physical machine. (If you need to perform a database migration or storage migration as well,     please contact Asigra's Technical Support department.)
    o Install the BLM Archiver software, point to the old production database and storage location.
    o On the DS-License Server, configure the IP address and license parameters of the new VM BLM                     Archiver.
    o Start the BLM Archiver and immediately configure the DS-License Server's IP where the new BLM                  Archiver installation on VM will validate its license (BLM GUI > Setup Menu > License Server).