The default deployment of DS-NOC (with the noc.war archive file) sets up a DS-NOC to be accessible through:


http:///noc/ Or for remote machines:

NOTE: Use the prefix https:// in the URL if your Tomcat server has been configured with a security certificate.

However, DS-NOC can be deployed in multiple contexts, allowing you to create separate DS-NOC portals for use with specific customers.


Deploy DS-NOC in a different context

1.Make a copy of the noc.war archive file and rename it to the context that you want to use. For example, if you use the context new site, it will be accessible using one of these addresses:


2.Deploy the renamed file (newsite.war) on the web server. See Chapter 4, "Installing the DS-NOC software".
3.Connect to the application via the new context through either of the following addresses:


4.Configure the Database Host and Database Name if they are not already configured.