This article covers the preparation and steps that are required when you want to replace a tape library in a BLM server. This might be for any reason, such as failures of the tape library hardware or upgrades of the tape library hardware to support more concurrent operations.


1. Turn off the BLM Archiver service / daemon.
2. Shutdown the BLM server.
3. Shutdown the tape library, and then remove the tape library from the BLM server.
4. Connect the new tape library to the BLM server. Power on the tape library.
    o Your tape library can use empty tapes or you can manually move the tapes from your old tape library.

5. Power on the BLM server and install the required tape drivers to make the tape library work.
    o The drivers are usually available from the tape library vendor's web site.
    o Make sure that this new tape library is visible to the BLM server with the same physical path as the old     tape library.
6. Start BLM service / daemon. In case you have data on the tapes in the tape library, verify that data by performing a specific operation, such as generating restorable images