This article describes how to configure the BLM Archiver to accept login from "non-root" users on UNIX platforms.

See "Roles: BLM Archiver Permission Control" for instructions on editing the list of users and groups that can login to the BLM Archiver.

All UNIX services use PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) for user authentication. As such, if any advanced rules are needed for authentication (e.g. integration with LDAP), you can edit the corresponding configuration file in the "/etc/pam.d" directory.

The default service installation for the DS-Client / DS-System / BLM / DS-Billing will only install a basic PAM configuration file (that authenticates against local users and groups). If you want to make other advanced configurations, edit the corresponding file in /etc/pam.d. Consult the Linux MAN pages for more details (type "man pam.d" at the command prompt).