This article answers some questions that arise if a DS-Client that has archived data on a BLM Archiver is moved (migrated) to another DS-System.


    o After a DS-Client is moved to a new DS-System, can it still point to the same archive packages on the         BLM Archiver?


    o No.
    o The BLM Archiver has a structure that identifies archived data based on:

    Staging_path|Considated_path \ DS-System ID \ Account ID \ DS-Client ID \ Backup Set ID \ Package ID \     etc.
    o Migrating a DS-Client will change this path because it will be on a different DS-System (which has a             different ID number). This means subsequent BLM Archive requests will be sent to new archive                     packages for that DS-Client.
    o All old archive packages still remain on the BLM and can be accessed via the DS-NOC.