Troubleshooting: Tape Converter.

This article provides information about using the Tape to BLM Converter feature. It is assumed that the Tape Library is installed and properly configured. DS-Client will not recognize the Tape Library if it has not been configured correctly.


If a tape library is not recognized:

Try restarting the DS-Client computer.

1. If after installing the drivers for the Tape Library, the Library cannot be seen under "Computer Management / Storage / Removable Storage / Libraries", go to:
My Computer / Properties / Hardware / Device Manager / Tape Drive

2. Click on properties.
3. If there is a message that you must restart the computer after installing the drivers, click OK and you will be prompted to restart the computer.
After you reboot, the Tape Library should be visible under Libraries in Computer Management.


The DS-Client Tape Converter depends on Windows to interface with the Tape Drives. Therefore, you must change tapes in a way that Windows will always be aware of your changes.

To change a tape:

1. Open the Tape Drive door, and take a tape out from its slot.
2. Close the Tape Drive door. Let Windows perform its inventory, and the removed tape will be marked as off-line.
3. Open the Tape Drive door again, and put the new tape in the empty slot.
4. Close the Tape Drive door. Windows will identify the new tape.
5. After Windows finishes its identification of the Tape, click Refresh in the Tape Conversion Wizard to update the DS-Client's list from the Tape Library's memory.