An administrator may want to -- or need to -- remove one or more VMs from a VPG, while preserving its associated recovery volumes.
These can then be used if the removed VMs are re-protected, either in the same VPG or another VPG.
This is built into the GUI when removing a VM from a VPG.


To remove a VPG while preserving recovery volumes, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "VPG Summary" screen.
  2. Choose "Edit VPG" or click on the pen icon.
  3. Select the VMs from the "VMs" tab.
  4. Click on the arrow pointing to the left and click "Done"
  5. At the following “Warning” message, click “Yes” to preserve the VM’s target disks.

Note: Clicking the "EXPORT" button under the "VPGs" tab will create a CSV file which lists the datastore and exact path of each of the recovery volumes currently protected by ZVM, as well as other VPG details.
This makes it easier to track the recovery volumes to access them at a later time.

Affected Versions:

4.0 and greater


All hypervisors