By default, Zerto Virtual Replication will replicate RDMs (Raw Device Mapping) used by production VMs to VMDK files on the DR site. An administrator may want to configure Zerto to replicate an RDM in use by a protected VM to an RDM at the DR site, which is not the default behavior.


To choose to replicate an RDM to a remote RDM, use the following procedure:

  1. While viewing the "STORAGE" tab under a new/existing VPG, select the relevant RDM and click "Edit selected".
  2. Select RDM from the drop down menu "Volume Source".
  3. Select the remote RDM to which you would like Zerto to replicate the protected RDM

Note that if a BusLogic SCSI controller is used, the option will be grayed out.

Affected Versions:

All Versions


All Hypervisors