How to Restart an Archive Job in progress

If an archive job appears to be stuck (is "waiting for append-able media" and needs to be restarted because jobs on the archive drive were deleted rather than a new disk being swapped out, OR if a new drive has been swapped out but the archiving jobs don't seem to be progressing/waiting for write-able device, etc), you can perform the following to stop and restart the archive process:

  • On the right side of the Archive > Libraries screen, there is a hard drive image with information about the drive.  To the left of this information is a green check mark.  
    • Select the "green check". (This will "offline" the archive drive.  A "red X" will take the place of the "green check".) >Select the "red X" (causing it to change to a "green check" again) to resume the archive process.  

      This will make sure that the archive doesn't get canceled.

If the archive job still doesn't resume:

  • To the right of the drive information in Archive > Libraries there is a hard drive icon.  When you rollover this image, "Manage Disk" will appear.  
    • Select the "Manage Disk" icon.  Select the "Prepare disk for removal" button.  Rescan the drive. 

If the archive job still doesn't resume:

  • The archive job will need to be canceled and any jobs that were on the list to be archived will need to be manually archived.
    • Cancel the archive job under Archive > Libraries by selecting "Cancel/Clear Archive Process".
  • Manually archive the remaining jobs by going to Archive > Libraries > Manually Archive Jobs > Select the jobs you wish to archive > Confirm to begin the archive process.