What to do if you can't see the Archive Drive under Archive > Libraries, but you can see it under System > RAID.

  • If the drive shows in System > RAID but not Archive > Libraries, you need to "Offlineand then "Rescanthe Archive drive under System > RAID.
    • Note - the drive in System > RAID may show as "incorrect format".  Once the fix above is applied, the drive should show as formatted properly and any data on the drive should be accessible again.
  • If you are unable to select the drive in System > RAID to "Offline" and "Rescan" it, you may want to try rebooting your appliance using System > Settings > Reboot.  
    • Warning- this will cause any current backup job in progress to cancel.  You will have to manually archive the jobs on that list.
    • If you are unable to reboot- contact Eversync Support for further assistance with manually ejecting/rescanning the drive.
    • Note - When the appliance comes back up, the drive should be seen in the Archive > Libraries location (after selecting the proper library, of course).  
    • If it then shows as a "Foreign Disk": 
      • Select the Icon on the far right that shows "Manage Disk" when you roll over the image > Select the "Prepare Disk For Removal" Button.  The disk will then disappear from the archive bay.  
      • Go to System > RAID > Select the "Rescan" button.  The archive drive should reappear.  Check to make sure it does not show as a foreign disk. (Note- if it is a brand new disk with no data, this is actually expected and you need to format the drive.  Otherwise, you should be able to see the space left on the drive.)
If the Archive Drive is visible under System > RAID but is not green (incorrectly formatted drive) AND does not show up at all under Archive > Libraries > Select Sentio (not USB) 
  • If the drive doesn't have data on it: Go to System > RAID > Select the Archive Drive that is showing as black (select the Blue tab next to it) > Select "Reformat"
    • If the drive DOES have data on it that needs to be saved/recovered, please contact Eversync Support.
  • If the drive turns green, check Archive > Libraries
  • If the drive is now visible, select the "Manage Disk" icon to the right of the drive info and "Test and Initialize" the drive to correct the formatting.
  • If the drive is still not visible, or if the "Test and Initialize" fails, contact Eversync Support for additional troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Error Messages:

ERROR: out of memory

  • Symptoms:
    • Archive Disk fails with the following error:com.rvx.backup.archive.ArchiveException: com.rvx.db.DatabaseException: SELECT insp('/') Cause:org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: out of memory Detail: Failed on request of size 20.
  • Solution:
    • This seems to involve the database on the archive, and typically occurs when little or no previous data is present on the drive.  Previously, this error occurred on a new disk and was resolved by reformatting the disk.  If this error is seen on a disk with data that needs to be recovered, please contact Support for further assistance.