Behavior demonstrated at the backup report is caused by deduplication mechanism which is integrated into the Online Backup and Recovery Manager client.
In case if a file with the same content was already backed up, the additional path to the file will be created in the cloud instead of redundant upload.

Cause: The files with the same hash* located in different folders are included in the backup set.
*filenames can differ, content should be identical.

At the same time, Dashboard indicates cloud used space instead of transferred data.
Cloud used space increases in both cases, deduplication or upload.
During the deduplication, the files' data is not transferred to the server.
Hence, at the Dashboard displays "Uploaded files" size value other than 0 bytes.

The indicator "Total Data Transferred" shows the amount of data that was actually transferred to the server after its compression/encryption.
For example, create a text file with 100MB of not random data but some symbols i.e. 11111... and back it up.
Monitoring will show the actual file size transferred to the cloud (100 MB) but the backup report - "Total Data Transferred" will show hundreds of KBs (after the encryption).