An administrator needs to setup automated analytics environment information reporting to Zerto


General Information:

Automated Analytics Information is not a mandatory process of Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) operation, the process is turned off by default. Zerto strongly recommends this process to be enabled and the analytics data reported. The ZVM reports the information to Call Home server for processing and parsing. Only ZVM is reporting analytics data. The ZCM plays no part in that process.

General requirement for every reporting ZVM:

  • The ZVM must have internet access to Zerto’s Analytics server over port 443
  • The ZVM clock must be correct and set by network time protocol (NTP).
  • The ZVM must have the “Send Analytics to Zerto” option enabled under Support Settings 

Additional details:

  • Data is sent securely (using https):
    • DNS -
    • Port - 443 (standard https port)
  • The following information sent to the Zerto Call Home server:
    • Usage – the exact same information as in the usage report
    • Support information – used by Zerto Support
    • Version and license information
    • Environment information


  • ZVM internet connection through proxy is supported, however, connection via authenticated proxy is not supported. If a proxy is to be used, it must be set for the user running the ZVM service, which is "localservice" by default. To set a proxy for the localservice user, proceed as follows:

Open a console to the Windows machine running the ZVM.

bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY <proxy list> <bypass list>

Ex: bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY NULL

Connectivity troubleshooting:

If automated analytics report isn't being accurately generated or not generated at all, the admin should use the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify that outbound internet access is available from each of the reporting ZVMs over port 443, specifically to the address

    • Note: if applicable, the above address may be excluded from any proxy details for the servers.

  • Ensure that the “Send Analytics to Zerto” option is enabled under each ZVM’s Support Settings section

  • Ensure that it is possible to successfully navigate to the following URL from all cloud ZVMs:

  • Ensure that ZVM clock is synchronized, and set by NTP (time zone doesn't matter)

Affected versions:

ZVR 3.0 and greater