An administrator may wish to use an existing Standard storage account for Zerto when installing it in an Azure environment.


By default, Zerto creates its own storage account when installed.


The steps below should be used when configuring the ZCA in Azure to use an existing Standard storage account instead of the default Standard storage account created when the ZCA is installed.

1.    Select an existing storage account from your Azure subscription to use for recovering the production site. 

2.    Create and save a new tweak file. For example c:\tweaks\ZERTO_INSTALL_ADDITIONAL_TWEAKS.txt 

3.    Save the following lines to the tweak file:

    a.       t_storageAccountName = "<storage_account_name>"
    b.       t_azureReuseStorageAccount = "true"
    c.       t_resourceGroupName = "<resource_group_name>"

Make sure the storage account does in fact belong to the resource group that you specified. If the wrong resource group is entered, a new storage account with a similar name will be created under the wrong resource group.

4.    Define an environment variable: 

    a. Go to myPC/my computer
    b. Right click properties
    c. Click on Advanced system settings
    d. Click on Environment variables
    e. In System variables/User variables for Administrator, add a new variable
            Variable Value: c:\tweaks\ZERTO_INSTALL_ADDITIONAL_TWEAKS.txt 

5.    Open installer User interface. Do not start the installation.
6.    Before running, verify that "ZERTO_INSTALL_ADDITIONAL_TWEAKS.txt" appears in the logs of "Zerto_InstallLogfile".

NOTE: The region of the Standard storage account selected must be the same as the ZCA region. If the storage account belongs to a different region, the ZVM will display an alert  immediately after installation, informing the user that the wrong storage account has been selected. The ZVM will have to be re-installed.

Affected versions: