By default, expanding a protected volume to a size beyond 2TB will result in the VPG entering "Needs Configuration" state and the VM will have to be re-added. (Results in delta-sync)
An administrator may want to prevent that behavior and enable expanding disks to over 2TB without resulting in unnecessary syncs.


  1. Verify the recovery disk is on a VRA-H and not a VRA. If not on VRA-H:
    1. Open the tweaks.txt file located in the ZVR folder on the ZVM. (Default location is: C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication)
    2. Enter the following tweak in a new line: "t_maxDiskboxVolumesAllowedOnVra=0". (Only what's in the quotation marks)
    3. Restart the Zerto service on the ZVM.
    4. Change recovery VRA for the VM and then change back:
      1. On the Zerto GUI, under the "Setup" tab, choose "Change VM Recovery VRA" on the relevant VM.
      2. Select a different VRA and click done.
      3. After a successful change, repeat step 1+2 to revert to the original VRA. (Not a necessity)
  2.  Turn off the VRA-H that has the disk.
  3.  Resize the disk on the protected source VM. 
  4. Wait for the VPG to finish updating. 
  5. Turn on VRA-H. 

Affected versions:
ZVR 4.0Ux and earlier ZVR 5.0U1 and greater

VMWare (ESXi 5.5.x, ESXi 6.0.x)