Zerto Remote Log Collection (RLC) is a new feature that is available in Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) version 5.0 and later. RLC provides the Zerto Technical Support Team the ability to gather logs from a ZVM environment, without any customer involvement. This new feature provides for faster analysis with minimal disruption to your day



Log Collection: Prior to Version 5.0

Pre-version 5.0, the following steps would have to be taken to
gather a new log bundle from the ZVM:

1. Customer opens a support case.

2. Tech Support would engage with the customer to perform initial troubleshooting.

3. Issue is determined to be beyond the scope of “live troubleshooting” and requires log collection for analysis.

4. Tech Support manually runs through the log collection utility located within the ZVM via a customer-hosted WebEx.

5. If log collection is not initially successful (I.E. network timeout, log bundle too large) a Tech Support Engineer
will re-engage you to have logs manually uploaded via FTP to Zerto.

6. Customer waits for logs to be analyzed.

7. (Optional) Repeat steps 4-6 if another set of logs are
required per the Tech Support Engineer or Development Engineers.

Log Collection: After 5.0

Customer or a Zerto Tech Support Engineer will:

1. Navigate to “Settings” in the ZVM GUI.

2. Selects “Remote Support.”

3. Selects to “Enable Remote Log Collection” which is selectable for either 30 days or by case number (which will disable RLC upon case closure).

4. DONE! Zerto can take it from there.


Outbound Connection: All I/O traffic is “requested” by Zerto and the ZVM pushes the logs to our log server(s). There are NO inbound
connections via this feature.

Connection automatically terminates based on your previous selection: You're given several options when enabling RLC as noted below.

1. For 30 days.

2. Per case. If open on a per-case basis, once the case has been closed by a Zerto Support Engineer, the connection will then
be closed and would need to be re-enabled, if needed in the future.

Limited Access: Remote Log Collection only allows the Support Engineer to gather logs and nothing else.

Transfer using HTTPS: Logs are transferred from the ZVM to a repository owned by Zerto.

The following ports need to be open for RLC to function:

Internally (to localhost) – 80, 9000
Externally (to our servers) – 443

The following servers need to be accessible for the RLC to work:

Affected versions:
5.0 and greater